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SyncBackPro Crack SyncBackPro Crack is a powerful backup and synchronization software developed by 2BrightSparks. It’s designed to help users easily back up, synchronize, and restore files and folders across multiple locations. Such as internal or external hard drives. Network drives and FTP servers. Plus, cloud storage services. Users can also create multiple backup profiles to customize backup and synchronization tasks according to their specific requirements. Users can schedule backups to run at specific times or intervals. Allowing for automated backups without manual intervention.

Uses of this app:

SyncBackPro also supports versioning, allowing users to keep multiple versions of files during backups. This feature is useful for recovering previous versions of files if needed. Users can also encrypt their backup files for enhanced security. Ensuring that sensitive data remains protected during transfer and storage. SyncBackPro can compress backup files to save disk space and reduce storage requirements.


  • Advanced users can also create custom scripts using SyncBackPro’s scripting functionality to automate complex backups. Plus, synchronization tasks.
  • The application also provides advanced filtering capabilities. Allowing users to specify which files and folders to include or exclude from backups based on file types. Sizes, dates, and other criteria. This helps users tailor their backups to focus only on the most important data. Save time and storage space.
  • SyncBackPro can send email notifications to users upon completion of backup tasks or in case of any errors or warnings. This feature enables users to stay informed about the status of their backups. Plus take appropriate action if necessary.

Why did users choose this app:

  • SyncBackPro also offers extensive customization options. Allowing users to tailor their backup and synchronization tasks to their specific needs. Select specific files. Plus folders to define backup schedules and retention policies. Users have full control over their data management processes.
  • SyncBackPro is known for its reliability and stability. Users can trust that their data will be backed up. Accurately and securely.
  • with its optimized algorithms and efficient data transfer methods. SyncBackPro can also perform backups and synchronizations quickly and efficiently. This is especially beneficial for users with large amounts of data or tight backup windows.

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  • Real-Time Sync:

Users can also set up real-time synchronization. Ensuring that changes to files and folders are immediately mirrored to the designated backup locations. This feature is especially useful for ensuring data consistency across multiple devices and locations.

  • Bandwidth Throttling:

Users can also control the bandwidth used by SyncBackPro during data transfer. Prevent also backups and synchronizations from consuming excessive network resources. This is particularly useful for users with limited bandwidth or those who need to prioritize other network activities.

  • Version Control:

With its support for file versioning, SyncBackPro enables users to keep multiple versions of files over time. This will be useful for tracking changes to the files. Plus, revert to previous versions if necessary. Providing an added layer of data protection and flexibility.

  • Archiving:

SyncBackPro can also be used to archive older or infrequently accessed files to free up space on primary storage devices while still retaining access to archived data when needed. This also helps optimize storage resources and improve overall system performance.

  • Scheduled Backups:

SyncBackPro also allows users to schedule automated backup tasks to run at specific times or intervals. This ensures that backups are performed regularly without requiring manual intervention. Make it convenient for users to maintain up-to-date backups without having to remember to initiate them manually.

  • Data Migration:

When upgrading to a new computer or storage device. SyncBackPro can be used to migrate data from the old device to the new one. Ensuring a smooth transition with minimal data loss or disruption.


SyncBackPro also supports backing up data to remote locations such as FTP servers. network drives. Cloud storage services. This allows users to create off-site backups for additional redundancy. And disaster recovery preparedness. with its intuitive interface. With extensive customization options and advanced capabilities. SyncBackPro stands out as a reliable solution for ensuring data integrity, availability, and security.

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